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Ahmed explains how he got Band 7 in IELTS

You may remember Ahmed Saber as one of the winners in the IELTS results competition in October. Ahmed prepared for his exam using the book Target Band 7 and submitting essays to our writing correction team. When we asked him what else he thinks is important in IELTS preparation, here’s what he said: Band 7 in IELTS

“Thanks a lot for choosing me the winner of last month’s competition. I feel proud indeed. Now I’d like to give some advice about what helped me to get a high band score. Your blog is doing a great job in helping all those who are preparing for the IELTS exam.

My advice:

  • To acquire Academic reading and writing skills, reading newspapers is the most beneficial factor.
  • In listening, concentration is very important, and then the questions are not too hard. Even if you miss a question but you have listened properly, you can make a genuine guess.
  • In reading test do not spend time reading the passage. After reading the title, go directly to the questions. Read 3 or 4 questions together and start searching for the answers for all of them.
  • For writing and speaking you need an expert’s help who can tell your range of score by a sample writing or speaking. This can be done by IELTS-blog staff.
  • To improve listening and speaking skills, my suggestions are to listen carefully to native speakers, radio and TV news programs (BBC news).
  • For the Speaking test it is very important that you practice real IELTS test questions for this module. Believe me, the questions DO repeat! Practice speaking under exam conditions.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. As they say, practice makes perfect.
  • Personally, I practice English speaking with my son Omar and my daughter Roa (who can speak English very well), as well as my wife.

    I hope future IELTS test takers will benefit from these tips.”

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