Recent IELTS exams

Real students tell about their recent IELTS exams: IELTS questions, topics, tasks, answers.

IELTS exam in Philippines – December 2008 (General Training)

Our anonymous friend from Philippines has kindly shared this about his General training exam:

Writing test

Task 1 (Letter)
Write a letter to a friend who you have meet on an overseas trip in an English speaking country. Ask for him to send you the trips photographs.

Task 2 (Essay)
Some people say that parents should control their children’s behavior from a young age. What do you think?

Speaking test

– How do you celebrate birthday in your culture?
– What you wanted to do for your birthday, but have not been able to?
– Do you think that young and old people are using computer in a different way?
– Why do you think that is? Explain.

IELTS exam in Philippines – December 2008

A student from Philippines has shared his questions from the recent IELTS exam – thanks, R!

Writing test (essay)
“Some people say that sending individuals to college will help in one’s country but others would say it would just add to graduates’ unemployment. Discuss both sides. What is your opinion on this?”

Speaking test

Cue card

Describe an event of success in your life, you should say:
– When did it happen,
– How did it happen,
– Was it difficult to achieve
– How did you achieve it?