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IELTS Essays – Band 6

IELTS Writing – Band 6 IELTS Sample Essays

IELTS Essay, topic: Reasons to attend college

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, or to increase knowledge).

Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many people after their high school years for several reason which they choose . I believe that the most common reason why people to have new experiences on life , to prepare for a career, and to increase their knowledge of their personality.

Firstly, many people to have new experience in life. Many students leave their home and move to live when they go to university. This is the first time that they had to make a resolution on their own, without their parents’ help. Making their own decisions will increase their knowledge of themselves. Moreover, students university can meet different students from different nationalities and religions so students can learn about different around the world.

Secondly, many people go to university or collage to prepare for a career. Career training is becoming more important nowadays to young people compared to old people. At college, students learn many skills for their career and they internship with a lot of chances. All of these prepare them for their career.

Also, students attend university or college to increase their self-knowledge of their personality life. They attend increase their knowledge in subjects which they find interesting. For example, many students study science because they are in science but they work .

To sum up, I think people should not only focus on a career when they go to university or college. They have to follow to have new experience and knowledge about their personality and the great world around them which they live in.

This essay needs much work. There are many grammatical errors, incorrectly used prepositions and inaccurate expressions (see comments underlined in blue). There are many repetitions of the same expressions – try to avoid that as much as possible. The task is covered, the paragraphs are connected by linking words – but the way you use them is rather primitive. Overall, this looks like a Band 6 essay.

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attend university or college
on their own
Replace this expression – do not repeat the same expression 2 times in a row.
again, repetition
by themselves
of the
enter an
avoid using the word ‘thing’ in an IELTS essay
so that they could
in other types of businesses

IELTS Essay, topic: Education as a critical factor

“Some people say that the education system is the only critical factor to development of a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?”

Education plays a vital role in the development of a country. Therefore, some people think that the education system is the only important factor to the development of a country and they may be right.

Education is the foundation of developed society. It is rightly said, ‘education is a ladder success’. If all the people of any country are educated then they becomes broadminded, civilized and progressive. An educated society improves the standard of life as well.

, education also creates a good employment opportunity and therefore country does not have to suffer from big problems like unemployment. Educated peoples are more aware of such as pollution and many more. A country becomes technologically advanced because of educated people.

Not only this, but also by giving importance to education, the nations can get rid of problems like , poverty, unemployment and population growth that delay the progress of a nation. The crime rate can also be kept under . The standard of living of the people will go up. If the nations to be progressive it is very important that the people are more educated and progressive. Any country can become more technologically advanced and developed because of education.

However, there are other factors that also play an important role in the development of a country. Such as governments have to encouraged people to do so

In conclusion, I would like to say that a good education system will lead to a developed country.

This essay needs some work. It has a good structure and the sentences show enough fluency, but the last body paragraph needs to be corrected by adding another 2-3 sentences to it. In total, the number of words here is 235 which is under the required 250, that fact may cost you some marks. Also there are some repetition of words and grammatical errors. Overall, this looks like a Band 6 essay.

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a well
the word ‘problems’ repeats too many times
This paragraph is too small, continue it by adding another 2-3 sentences