IELTS Letter, topic: Writing to a manager about problems at work

You recently took a part-time job working for a local company. After a few weeks, you realized there were some problems with the job.
Write a letter to the manager of the company. In your letter

– Explain why you took the job
– Describe the problems that you experienced
– Suggest that what could be done about them

Dear Manager,

I am writing to explain you some difficulties, which I am since last month, and I would like to inform you.

I am working a part time job with you in the evening and doing my in software programming in the morning and my financial problem, accomplish my skills in my field. there are many with the computer system here.

First of all, not fully equipped with hardware and secondly . Basically we are working for many famous companies to provide them software and also we assist them in case of any troubleshooting.

Consequently, if the company provides the latest machines with updated software to their workers, it will not be merely expedient for the company reputation and progress. It can also give an edge to the Programmer, Designer and Hardware/Network Engineer to learn and work well for the company clients in a better way. In this way, we can save our plethora of time and in fascinating work.

I am looking forward to your passing my suggestion to higher management and hopefully they will take some corrective and optimistic action as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


This letter is too long 200 words instead of the advised 150-165. It is too extensive, I suggest that you make it shorter by summarizing some of the sentences. There are some confusing expressions and some incomplete sentences, the grammar needs attention. See comments (underlined in blue) for details. Overall, looks like Band 6.5 letter.

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Masters degree
not only to help with
but also to
It is (you are referring to the computer system)
rephrase: the software in it is not updated enough
return we can produce some

IELTS Letter, topic: Complaint about a faulty mobile phone

You have bought a new mobile phone and in a few days after purchase it has stopped working. You spoken to the company representative a week ago but the phone has still not been repaired.

Write a letter to the company. In your letter
– introduce yourself
– explain the situation
– say what action you would like to company to take.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to inform you about the faulty mobile phone that I have purchased in your store.

, I am a regular customer of your company. On the 10th of March, I bought a brand new Nokia XYZ mobile. However, upon one week of using it, problems started to appear. The flash of the camera is no longer working. Also, the monitor is getting blurry which makes it difficult for me to see the SMS messages clearly. I was very surprised to discover such problems in quite an expensive model.
Naturally, I returned the mobile phone in your store to be replaced with a new one. One of your told me that they will send it to my home address within one week. However, two weeks have passed without me receiving any replacement. I am very upset your poor service.

In this regard, I insist on getting a refund of my full payment if the replacement will not arrive within one more week.

Yours faithfully,

Christine B.

This is a very good letter. The structure of paragraphs and sentences, grammar, vocabulary, the length of the letter – everything is in order. There are some minor corrections (see comments underlined in blue). Otherwise, this looks like a Band 7 letter.

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My name is Christine B.
sales staff members


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