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IELTS test in Chennai, India – March 2013 (Academic Module)

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Our friend D, an IELTS test taker from India, shared the topics and questions from a recent exam in Chennai. D remembered everything except for the Listening test.

Reading testIELTS test in India

Passage 1. About the prehistoric age and a discussion why dinosaurs became extinct.

Passage 2. About three types of personalities with one type being sanguine. It discussed how understanding of these personalities would help in corporate environment and what are the uses of this analysis.

Passage 3. There was a passage about the research conducted by different scientists and the discoveries they have made.
Questions: match discoveries to scientists.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given a table that showed in which sectors the expenditure of UK people was concentrated and how it contributed to GDP growth.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Some parents feel that students should focus on all subjects equally. Others believe that students should concentrate more on the subjects they are interested in. Do you agree or disagree?

Speaking test


- What is your full name?
- What is your home town?
- What do you like about your hometown?
- Would you like to live there in the future?
- Do you like your job?
- Would you recommend your job to others?
- Do you like to take photographs?
- What is the latest photograph you have taken?
- What are the ways according to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Cue Card

Talk about your favorite meal and how often do you eat it. Please say

- What is it?
- Why is it your favorite?
- With whom do you eat it?


- Do your friends also like this meal?
- How have food habits of people changed over the years?
- What are good habits of eating that people are expected to follow nowadays?
- Is it good to watch TV while eating?
- How have food habits changed in your hometown?
- Is the food they have now different from the past?
- What is the unique food habit that your community follows in your hometown?

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