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IELTS exam in Qatar – January 2009 (Academic Module)

This update came from Doha, Qatar where A. took an Academic IELTS recently. This is what she remembers about her exam:

“Finally I am finished with the IELTS exam. It was good, listening was easy, reading DIFFICULT, writing was easy and speaking was easy.

Writing test

Task 1 (report)
We had to write a report about a table with the number of adults in the university.

Task 2 (essay)
Discussion of the problems caused by the differences between people who live in cities and people who live in countryside, we were required to find solutions for these problems.

Speaking test

Questions about myself and about my house.

Cue card
The card was about people who live in cities and people who live in country sides. Same topic as in the essay! I was so surprised that I kept saying “Ah, um” all the time.

We were discussing the same topic of the cue card with the examiner.”

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