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2 recent IELTS Speaking tests

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Somehow the Speaking test is easier for people to remember than the Listening, Reading and Writing. Here is a collection of questions that appeared in 2 recent Speaking tests. I hope you get the same in your exam!

Speaking Test 1

- Describe the town you come from in your country.
- Do you believe bicycles are popular where you live?
- Do you believe bicycles are important to children?

Cue Card
Describe something you have always wanted to buy.
- What is it?
- Why do you like it?
- Do you think you will buy it some day?

- Do you believe shopping is more popular today than in the past?
- Does it affect our society positively or negatively?
- Do you believe we spend to much time shopping?
- How does advertisement affect our shopping habits?
- What are the pros and cons if it?
- How does advertisement affect business?

Speaking Test 2

- What is your full name?
- Tell me about your town.
- What do you like about your town?

Cue card
Discuss a sports activity you watched or joined, you should say
- Where it happened
- What exactly happened
- Why it was memorable

- What do you think is the most popular sports nowadays?
- What do you think about the benefits of swimming?
- Do you think swimming is a good sport?
- What sports activities were you engaged in at school?
- If you were given a chance to go back to school, what sports would you engage in?
- Should children be encouraged to do more sports?
- What kind of sports are better for the kids, team or from individual sports?

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