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Case study: Band 7.5 in just 10 days.

Inokoue, a student from Malaysia says:

“Hi Simone!

It’s going to be a great weekend for me! Let me share with you why:

Speaking 8.5, Listening 8.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 7!

Overall: 7.5!!!

I am so so happy! And it’s all because of your IELTS-Blog and Target Band 7 book!

Thank you so much. I am grateful! Now I can continue my professional life with great confidence!”


Inokoue is a student from Malaysia, who had to take the IELTS test to be accepted to a university in another country. As soon as Inokoue found out she needed Band 7 in IELTS, she bought the book Target Band 7 – just 10 days before her exam.

In that short period of time Inokoue managed to raise the score from around 6.5 to 7.5 overall, with band 8.5 for both Speaking and Listening.

Apart from reading Target Band 7 and practicing for 10 days Inokoque didn’t have to do ANYTHING.


Inokoue urgently needed to get IELTS Band Score of 7 or above within 10 days of studying.


Inokoue estimated her band score by solving IELTS practice tests and found out that it needs to go from 6.5 up to 7 or above.

After Googling the term ‘IELTS’, Inokoue found IELTS-Blog and Targe Band 7 e-book, downloaded it and began studying, utilizing the tips from the book and practicing solving IELTS-like tests.

Having identified her weakest skills and biggest problems, Inokoue followed Simone’s advice and concentrated on the areas that had the biggest impact on her performance and score.


10 days before IELTS – Inokoue bought Target Band 7 and began practicing.

Advantage 1: Speaking improved dramatically, Inokoue felt confident and prepared.


A. Using the tips from the book and real questions from past exams Inokoue was training herself in Speaking. Once she got into a habit of outlining points to speak about in her mind, her confidence grew significantly. She knew all the topics, what to say, how to say it and even what to wear to her exam.

B. Inokoue asked Simone for advice about her problem in Speaking (being shy and hesitant interfered with her performance). The advice she received solved that problem.

Advantage 2: Inokoue learned how to finish the Reading test within 60 minutes (previous attempts: 90 minutes)


A. Inokoue learned how to manage her time in the Reading test. Target Band 7 explains exactly how to avoid the deadly trap of wasting all the time on one difficult passage. It also guides you how to spend less time on a passage through skimming and scanning techniques.

B. Inokoue learned from Target Band 7 how to get better at answering questions by analyzing her own mistakes.

Advantage 3: Inokoue was prepared to any type of question in the Writing test.


A. She went through the step-by-step explanation of how to write a report for every type of chart that can appear in the IELTS exam, learning the rules, the structure and the vocabulary. She practiced and wrote at least one report of every kind. After the third report she felt she was a pro.

B. Inokoue learned how to write a great IELTS essay, in terms of structure, paragraphing, style and vocabulary. She was following the step-by-step plan in Target Band 7 and felt she couldn’t go wrong with it. Time wasn’t a problem any more, any essay was taking her no more than 40 minutes.

Advantage 4: No more anxiety or panic

How: Inokoue understood exactly what needs to be done in each section of the IELTS test and how to do it, she practiced in doing it and felt in control of her performance. The process she went through helped Inokoue build up enough confidence to remain calm and focused on the exam.


After the exam

Inokoue writes to Simone: “My IELTS TEST IS FINALLY OVER! I can rest now. It felt good, I don’t think I scored high marks, but I do feel like I have done enough to register the good points to get a decent band. ;)”

IELTS results arrived

Score received: Overall Band 7.5 – Speaking 8.5, Listening 8.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 7.

Inokoue writes to Simone:

“Kudos to Simone, IELTS-BLOG and all the kind people who have contributed past questions, tips and advices. I couldn’t have done it without your help.

I needed my IELTS cert immediately, therefore I only had 1.5 weeks to prepare. So I went online and googled ‘IELTS’ and IELTS-BLOG was the first hit that came up. I purchased Target Band 7 and downloaded the practice tests.

Thank you so much Simone for helping so many people like us!!! 😉 ”

11 thoughts on “Case study: Band 7.5 in just 10 days.”

  1. Sir good morning, I never give the exam of IELTS and I study only one month and I take the 7 band so what is the solution oh these situation?

  2. Hi Rahul, depending on your current English level scoring Band 7 after 1 month of preparation can be done. This IELTS guide book can help you prepare and maximize your score – getting the best possible score on your current level. If you need to improve your actual English to score 7, it would take longer than 1 month, because you would need to learn more vocabulary words, sentence structure, work on your grammar, possibly pronunciation, intonation etc and other fundamental things. The book I mentioned gives you strategies and techniques to do IELTS tasks quickly and accurately, it will show you how to best manage your time and teach you other methods that will take your score higher.

  3. hi Simon,I would like to start preparing for IELTS test ,so please can you advice me from where should I start I need to get 7.5 each .many thanks

  4. Hello sir/mam

    I want to practice of my speaking skills.I need someone who can talk with me in English for Ielts.

  5. Hello Everyone,

    I am planning to appear to IELTS exam , and I am not pro in English but I am targeting from 7 or 7.5 band.

    Any suggestions from where I need to start and what is the right channel.


  6. Hi Raju, a good way to start is by learning what you need to do in the test – what skills are tested and how. Then by doing a mock test you can find out what your stronger and weaker skills are. Once you know that, you can plan your preparation and allocate a bit more time to your weaker skills. My books can help you with all of that, and I am happy to support you along the way, so get in touch and let me help you get that Band 7.5!

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