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Questions and topics from recent IELTS exams

This is a small list of topics and questions I’ve received from students who had their exams this month. Go here for a complete collection of recent IELTS exams of the entire year.

Essay topics

1. Some people think that hard working and determination are the key factors for being successful in the life, other people feel that other factors are important. Discuss both sides, what is your opinion?

2. Some children start school when they are seven years old, while others start at the age of four. What could be the advantages and disadvantages of starting early (age four)?

Speaking questions

– Where do you live?
– What is your favorite room in the house?
– What would you like to change in your house?

Cue Card
Describe an advertisement that convinced you to buy a product.You should say:
– Was it on TV, newspaper or in the Internet
– What the advertisement was about
– What was good about it

– What is your opinion about advertising?
– In what ways advertisements are used in your country?

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