More recent Speaking questions

This is the last set of IELTS Speaking topics and questions I’ve receive in February. Fresh ones from March are coming soon.

Speaking test 1

– Do you study or work? (I said I was a student)
– What course are you studying and why did you choose this course?
– Who does the cooking in your home?
– Can you cook?
– Do you think it’s necessary to learn how to cook at school?
– What do you do when you hang out with friends?
– Do you hang out with 1 or 2 friends or with a large group of friends?
– When was your last time of going out?

Cue Card
If you could take another course when you finish your current one, what would you choose? You should say:
– What kind of course it would be
– What do you want to learn from it
– Why would you choose it

– Do you think university should only offer courses related to the employment/job or courses on other topics as well?
I said on other topics as well and the examiner said “Good” then asked me
– Which do you think employer should pay more attention to, the qualifications or the experience.

Speaking test 2

The questions were about my city, what I liked about it and whether I liked partying.

Cue Card
Describe a house you have been too (not your own house), you should say:
– Why you liked it,
– Where it was,
– Who you’ve been there with

My examiner then asked me some questions about our buildings, do I think it matters how buildings looked, new or old. She ended the questions by asking whether I thought it was ok that the government maintained old buildings.

And here are some topics that appeared frequently in the exams last month:

– Childhood Toy
– Historical place
– Famous speech
– TV program
– Cooking
– Healthy lifestyle
– Traffic problems

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