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IELTS Speaking Test, Part 1 questions with model answers (Sports + Skills)

IELTS Model Speaking Answers Band 9, 2023

Here are some high-scoring Part 1 model answers for the Speaking Test that was shared by a student from Nigeria. The answers show a good way to respond to these questions.

Speaking test

Part 1 (Interview)

1. What type of house do you live in?

I live in a two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment located in the heart of the city. My place is on the third floor of the building, and I have an amazing view of the city from my balcony.

2. What do you like about your house?

I love my home because of its location and size; it’s close to all the places that I frequent, such as my favourite cafe, park, and record store. Additionally, it’s just the right size for me – not too big or too small – as it has enough space for me to remain comfortable without being overwhelming. The two bedrooms provide me with enough space to work and relax, while also giving me room to accommodate friends and family if they come over for a visit.

3. Where’s your favourite place in the house?

My favourite place in my home is definitely the living room; it has always been the hub of my activities whether I’m reading a book or catching up with friends over dinner. It’s where I can kick back and relax after a long day of work. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light, which helps to brighten up the entire room even on cloudy days. On rainy days I like listening to the soft sound of raindrops outside because it creates a peaceful ambience in my home.

4. Do you like any sports?

Yes! I’ve always been interested in various sports since childhood; soccer was one sport that was prominent throughout my life growing up due to its popularity among my friends. As I got older, my interests expanded into other sports including basketball and volleyball, both of which require immense coordination between teammates – something that really attracted me towards them!

5. What sports did you like when you were a child?

As a child, I had always been an active and energetic person, so it came as no surprise that I loved sports. As I said before, I used to love playing soccer, especially with my friends in the neighbourhood during the summer months when we would have all-day pickup games outside. During the fall and spring seasons, I would join our local recreational leagues and compete against other teams in our area. It was a great way to stay active while also making friends and having fun.

6. Did you play any sport regularly when you were young?

Yes, I played both soccer and basketball growing up. Soccer was my main focus throughout my childhood; although I really enjoyed playing basketball too. I played either one or both of these sports every chance I got – whether it was during recess at school or after school in the neighbourhood.

7. What good practical skills do you have?

I think one of my best practical skills is my ability to problem-solve quickly and efficiently in high-pressure situations. Over the years, this has been something that has helped me overcome some difficult challenges related to projects or tasks at work or even personal life at home. Additionally, another skill that I’ve developed over time is being able to effectively multitask which can be extremely helpful when faced with multiple deadlines or tasks simultaneously as it allows me to manage my time more efficiently by prioritising tasks based on their importance or urgency level.

8. Did you learn this skill from someone?

Yes, while some of these skills come naturally to me through experience, most of them have been acquired through mentorship from others along the way – particularly family members who showed me how important it is to be able to think on your feet under pressure and how crucial organization is when tackling multiple tasks at once without neglecting anything else going on around you at the same time.

9. How can a skill influence your profession?

The skills that we acquire throughout life are essential tools for success in any profession, because they help us operate more efficiently within our chosen fields of expertise. Mastering a skill can help us achieve better results for ourselves as well as those around us, people who depend on us for guidance or assistance in various ways, like customers or clients.

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  1. That’s great to hear, we will do that! Just remember to use the vocabulary from these answers when you are practicing in speaking, because the only way to increase your fluency is to practice, practice, practice.

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