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IELTS Speaking Test, Part 3 questions with model answers (Sports and International Sporting Events)

IELTS Model Speaking Answers Band 9, 2023

Here are some high-scoring Part 3 model answers for the Speaking Test that was shared by a student from Vietnam. The answers below show a good way to respond to these questions. You can find the answers in the other parts here: Part 1, Part 2.

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Speaking test

Part 3 (Discussion)

We’ve been talking about sports, and now, in the third part of the test, I would like to ask you a few more questions related to this.

1. In your opinion, is it a good idea for children to do sports? Why or why not?

As a firm believer in living an active and healthy lifestyle, I believe that children should absolutely participate in sports. This not only improves their physical health, but also their mental and social skills, as well as overall well-being. Being active stimulates the release of endorphins in our body, and playing sports promotes teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, which are vital for personal growth and development.

2. Do you think physical education should be mandatory in school, and why?

Yes, I think it should. The majority of students spend a significant amount of their day sitting in a classroom, so it is imperative that they get regular opportunities to move their bodies and engage in physical activities. Physical education in schools not only helps students develop healthy habits, but it also improves their academic performance, because it promotes cognitive function, and memory retention.

3. Should governments fund athletes who want to compete abroad, what do you think?

I do believe that sports men and women who represent our country on an international level deserve recognition and support, but the government should also prioritise the more pressing issues, such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

4. How important is it for a country to have athletes to represent it on the world stage?

In my opinion, it is crucial for a country to have athletes representing them in international competitions. When we see our country’s flag being raised at the Olympics or other major sporting events, it gives us a deep sense of national pride and unity. It also provides a platform to showcase our culture and talent on a global level, which can result in increased international trade and tourism.

5. Would you say it’s a good idea for a country to hold a major sports event, such as the World Cup?

Yes, I think it is. Apart from the financial benefits, it also sends a message to citizens about the importance of physical activity. Sports have far-reaching benefits that extend beyond physical health. It plays a significant role in our social, mental, and overall well-being.

6. What are the advantages of holding an international sports event for the host country?

I’d say that hosting a major sports event such as the World Cup has many advantages for the host country. It significantly boosts the economy, by creating job opportunities, increasing tourism, and promoting domestic spending. It also provides an opportunity to display the country’s culture, its history and hospitality to the world, improving its global reputation in that way.

7. And what would you say are the disadvantages?

Well, the ones I can think of, are the outsourcing of labour, increased traffic and congestion, and environmental degradation. Another thing to consider is the financial burden of building necessary infrastructure, and ensuring security that also falls on the shoulders of the host country, often resulting in a net loss.

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