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IELTS exam in Vietnam – October 2008 (Academic)

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Here’s what P. from Vietnam told me about his exam last Saturday:


Section 1: Filling a form for a child to learn piano. My first 3 answers were piano, guitar, and drum. Oh my God, I almost forgot how to write the word guitar. Luckily, my guess was right.
Section 2, 3 and 4: I don’t remember exactly. But there were more multiple choice questions than last time.
Section 4 is about the impact of food on learning.


It was more difficult than the last time. There were 2 kinds of matching: matching heading and matching task in the test. It also had summary completion, multiple choice and familiar kinds of questions in IELTS test.
I don’t remember clearly about the content, just that it was about ancient human.


It was really difficult.

Task1 (Report)
They gave us 2 pie charts with different subjects, one is about Types of Language Training for Employees and the second one is about Purposes for learning a foreign language. But they asked me to compare and contrast since the 2 charts had nothing in common.

Task2 (Essay)
I can’t remember the topic very well because I didn’t understand it myself. It is about laws and society.


I did a poor job because the examiner this time was difficult. Moreover, the candidate right before me did better job than me.

I was asked about tourism and had nothing to say about it, therefore, I answered like a crazy man.

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