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IELTS exam in UAE, Dubai – November 2008 (General Training)

My personal thanks to F from Dubai who was kind enough to share his General Training exam experience:

Listening test

I am very upset because of the exam pattern they adopted for the listening, no head phones!

Writing test

Task 1 (letter)
Write a letter to the television channel Manager about boring programs during the day time. Tell him about the programs, give suggestions.

Task 2 (essay)
In our society noways there is less politeness than we used to have. What is your opinion.

Speaking test

My examiner was very nice. First he asked me about my name and all and then:
– About my job
– In my job if I am using any machine
– What is my future in this job
– About news, I am interested in them or not
– Is the new generation interested in news
– Are holidays important?
– About my last holidays

Describe a good cook you met in your life. You should say:
– Who is he
– Where you met
– Why is he good

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