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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

Hello everyone!

This is Simone – I created way back in 2005 and have been running it ever since.

My reason for starting and writing IELTS prep books was simple: I thought lack of resources and knowledge shouldn’t get in the way of achieving one’s dreams. I was convinced that given the right tools, help and support people can pass IELTS with amazing scores, and you guys have been proving me right every single year, for 14 years!

Everyone has a purpose in life. Mine is to help you. I’m here to show you how to tackle IELTS and get your target score. How to prepare and take the exam without stress and with confidence. How to get past IELTS faster, so that you can start living your dream life sooner.

Today, on the last day of 2019 I look back and say, “What a year!” So many great things happened in 2019. Where do I begin… We published 6 new practice test books in High Scorer’s Choice series, in digital format and in print, and they received many great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. We started an interactive Speaking service and released new Speaking videos on YouTube – there will be many more added in 2020!

Listening to your feedback we also worked hard to add the services you asked for – in 2020 we will start offering live Speaking tests and one-on-one lessons. A new IELTS book is also on the cards, and more options for you to practice for the computer-based test. So yes, we have big plans for 2020, and I hope that you do, too! Remember – you are not alone in your quest to pass IELTS in 2020, all of us are behind you. We got your back!

Dear test takers, I wish you to get the IELTS score of your dreams in 2020. Dear teachers and IELTS trainers – I hope that your students do incredibly well, too! You can count on our help in 2020, just like in the past 14 years.

As we’re about to wrap up 2019, I wanted to thank you for your support. Here is to a wonderful, successful, life-changing 2020!

Simone and the team.

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