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IELTS Essay, topic: Should wealthy nations share their wealth?

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth with poorer nations by providing them with things such as food and education? Or is this the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens?

I think that wealthy nations should be required to share their wealth with poorer nations. at providing such things as food and education because of the three following reasons.

Firstly, citizens of both wealthy nations and poorer nations are human beings. Therefore, we can not look at, hear of, or talk about people who lack food, education, without compassion and sympathy. Sharing wealth with poorer nations is not only a good deed but is also a .

Secondly, many nations in Africa and Asia are poor. Famine, diseases, crime and illiteracy are killing the citizens of these countries. , many nations in Europe and America are rich. If there are no actions taken, this inequality will increase dramatically. Poor countries will become poorer while rich countries will become richer. As a result, the poorest countries will become slaves of the richest countries. So, sharing wealth is useful way to prevent people from that bad future.

Thirdly, although sharing wealth with poorer nations is very necessarythis help should only stop at providing such things as food, medicine and education. Or else, poor nations may become dependent on the aid. They may lose enthusiasm to build their countries by themselves. Moreover, rich nations can take advantage of sharing wealth to interfere with the governance of poor nations’. This can’t be considered a humane action and should be prevented.

In my opinion, sharing wealth with poorer nations has both a bad side and a good side. What we have to do is its bad side and its good side.

This is an excellent essay, your arguments are convincing and very well presented. There are only a few minor mistakes, please read and consider the comments. Well done!

However, their help should stop
Do not use etc in essay, give examples instead
On the contrary
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7 thoughts on “IELTS Essay, topic: Should wealthy nations share their wealth?”

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  2. I think global economy demands different attitude towards human being which is beyond individual nationalities. A very simple revenue model for a country could be establish by producing necessities and products in domestic scale independently, where also it is possible to make revenue by exporting the surplus to foreign countries. In this model, however there are two contributing factors: one is internal demand for goods and services and another is the affordability of foreign countries to purchase the surplus. This essay discuss how the supply chain requires to circulate money in whole world including poor and rich ones in order to sustain wealth.

    First of all, with globalisation has became a trend, domestic goods are getting less attractive to local people. Being able to purchase online with low shipping fees, citizens of one country, have wider options compared to the past. This change in preference, brings the domestic sale and its projected revenue much less than in the past, where one product was definitely welcomed by the local regardless of its cost. Hence, the new line of supply flowing into family\’s basket under the umbrella of globalisation. This new supply wouldn\’t be quality assured if the exporting country financial state is not promising. In other word, to support the continues quality supply of one popular product from exporting country, it is important for both importing and exporting parties to do really well economically.

    Secondly, the exporting country which accounts on the revenue from its domestic surplus will not make any profit if the market is quiet due to financial crisis or weak currencies. In fact, the wealthier other countries are, the more their affordability can be to purchase exports and create revenues for each others. This means, the financial stability is critical for both countries as they play important role by investing in each other\’s resources. The example of this situation is European currency crisis in 2016, when the currency was depreciated, it affected none European country investors as much as Europeans.

    In summary, economical interdependency which is a product of globalisation demands a balanced money circulation among all nationalities, regardless of their boundaries. This is a healthy supply chain model that works efficiently and sustainably for the wealthy citizens in a much longer period than just pushing neighbouring countries under the poverty line.

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