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IELTS Essay, topic: Popular events

Popular events like the football world cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

The World Cup football and the Olympics are held worldwide with great national support and expectations. As a fan of those competitions, I agree with the idea that sporting events can be necessary for international relations and national unity, but only partially, because such events can have unintended effects on relationships between countries.

First of all, the World Cup, Olympics and other international games work for easing tensions among different nations. For example, South and North Korea have football games regularly two nations a chance to understand each other . In the mid of North Korean supporters came to South Korea with the footballers and they were very excited during the sporting events. Even if it sounds ridiculous, many South Koreans were quite surprised at that moment when North Koreans shouted and cried during the match. We all realized that they were very normal sports fans even though they were occasionally very secretive. Through the sports, two divided nations could reduce their political and ideological tensions and could feel the patriotic unity.

On the other hand, some sports matches can make international relations worse. For instance, football or baseball games between Korea and Japan are always big matches in two countries where . Sometimes, after the matches, the two rivals blame each other and their patriotic emotions explode in an aggressive way. scenario is that the troubles caused by losing games affect the players directly.

In conclusion, I think that international sporting occasions can be one of the good ways to ease tensions or to release patriotism safely. However, I believe that games can not be the fundamental ways for the sound patriotism or peaceful international relations.

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24 thoughts on “IELTS Essay, topic: Popular events”

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  2. But in this essay,you haven’t mentioned in introduction that you are going to discuss negative effects as well…however you have some ideas about positive aspects?
    Can you elaborate, I didn’t get this point?

  3. There is no requirement in IELTS to list all points your essay is going to discuss in the very introduction. The writer of this essay discussed the positive and the negative effects of international sport events and arrived at their conclusion in the last paragraph, which works fine as an essay structure.

  4. I feel this information isn’t necessary, because it doesn’t make your essay better in any way. What would make your essay better is good organisation of information in your body paragraphs, so it is clear what your arguments are, how you support them, and what examples you use.

  5. The words/expressions underlined in blue are wrong, and when you hold mouse over them on desktop (or tap on them, on mobile) a bubble appears with the correct version to replace that word/expression.

  6. Hey guys . I wanted to ask some questions about writing
    how to improve my writing skills even though I have vocabulary and an idea of writing.
    In the main idea is I always get under 6 point only on my writing.

  7. Hi Garid, have you ever had your writing evaluated? If not, our writing correction service can help you get an understanding of what areas you need to work on and how to start scoring higher. If you prefer a self-study option, then may I recommend ‘IELTS Success Formula‘ book to help with your writing. It has a large section that we call ‘The Writing Doctor’ and you can find in it solutions to all your writing problems.

  8. Exactly. In introduction its agree but later in third paragraph there is a change of opinion
    So, he is partially agree with the statement.

  9. Explanation of essay is great. however, he did not take a stance of statement, whether he is going to write agree OR disagree… Kindly read the question…To what extent do you agree OR disagree with opinion….OR means we only need to choose one side…if there is and then we have to discuss both one..

  10. The writer partially agrees with the statement which is fine for this type of task. They discussed why popular events help with international relations, and also why this isn’t always the case, and arrive at a suitable conclusion in the last paragraph.

  11. As far as I know,you have to support one idea strongly.If you are agree you should give all idea to support agree or if you disagree you have to provide all idea for being your idea strong.partial agree may can be reduced marks a bit.
    Am I right?

  12. When the task prompt says “To what extent do you agree or disagree”, it means you are allowed to partially agree or disagree, and it won’t negatively affect your mark.

  13. it would influence the examiner more if you have mentioned your plan and structure of essay in introduction .

    so it would assist you in geting some extra bands.

  14. Absolutely not, this isn’t a requirement for a higher score. An essay that is written well doesn’t need an explanation in the intro paragraph as to what will come next – introducing the topic and the writer’s opinion is enough. I have seen test takers do that, but it won’t result in a higher score – that is a misconception.

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