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IELTS Results competition winners in September 2009

We had a lot of winners in September, which is great. It makes me really happy to see so many of you succeed in your IELTS exams.

While we’re on this subject, there is something I’d like to explain about this monthly competition. Many people are missing out on an opportunity to become the winners because they think their scores are too low – but there is always a good chance that other scores will be lower, or equal to yours 🙂

So I invite everyone to submit their results and see what happens – after all you have nothing to lose.

I am pleased to announce that from all the people who submitted their results in September the highest scores belong to:

Adel Shabana from Egypt, Band 8.0 in Academic module

Sanchit Paul from India, Band 8.0 in Academic module

Elham Khani from Iran, Band 8.0 in Academic module

Manisha Anand from India, Band 7.5 in General Training module

Dear winners, congratulations to all, your hard work paid off big time. Your results are right on top of our winners page and according to our tradition, your very own special certificates are on their way to your Inbox.

And now it’s your chance to give something back. We all are waiting for you to share your best tips and secrets of success. Please send me an email and answer this question: “What does it take to get a high score in IELTS?”. Your answers will be published to give everyone a chance to learn from the high achievers.

Finally, last but not least – I know that many people are having their exams this weekend, so good luck with your preparation and I wish you to get your target score!

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