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IELTS Results competition winners in February 2010

It’s time to announce our IELTS results competition winners, people! I am relieved to see that we’ve had more participants in February than in January, so this is great, and I’d like to thank everyone who responded and sent his or her test result to be in the competition. Now our March competition is open and everyone is invited to send in their scores and participate.

Without any further introduction, let me tell you that this month we had 5 winners, and they are:

Aqrar Khan from India, Band 8.5 in General module

Ravishankar Srinivasa Sarma from India, Band 8.5 in General module

Deeksha Dhingra from India, Band 8.5 in General module

Marasimhan Rishi from India, Band 8.5 in General module

Divya Mathur from India, Band 8.5 in Academic module

My dear winners, you must feel so proud! Congratulations, your special certificates – the evidence of your triumph – are on their way to your emails, and as always, your results will be displayed in IELTS-Blog hall of fame very soon.

And now it’s your chance to give back. I am asking you to share your best tips, that are responsible for your success.

Please send me an email and answer this question: “What does it take to get a high score in IELTS?”. Your answers will be published to give everyone a chance to learn from the high achievers.

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