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IELTS Results competition winners in April 2019

Today we have the pleasure to announce the 10 winners who got the best IELTS results in April 2019. Imagine the sense of achievement they felt upon realising that IELTS isn’t going to stop them any more pursuing their dreams! Their hard work resulted in excellent scores ranging from Band 7.5 to 8.5 – well done!

And the winners are:

Academic Module – 1st placeBand 8 in IELTS

  • Mohamed Khaja from India, Band 8
  • Mir Kant from India, Band 8

Academic Module – 2nd place

  • Sholaika Medilall from South Africa, Band 7.5
  • Lijo Scaria from India, Band 7.5

General Training Module – 1st place

  • Mukesh Prasad from India, Band 8.5

General Training Module – 2nd place

  • Mohadese Yazdanpanah from Iran, Band 8
  • Mekala Ambeeswaran from India, Band 8
  • Jaljaben Patel from India, Band 8
  • Shilpa Bhambore from India, Band 8

General Training Module – 3rd place

  • Amitha Devi Dasari from USA, Band 7.5

Congratulations, everyone! To show our appreciation to the winners we are sending their certificates of achievement to their emails. Winning IELTS results will be displayed in the IELTS-Blog hall of fame – so if you won, please feel free to show them off to your family and friends!

We are always interested to find out how our winners were able to score so well. All we know at the moment is that Jaljaben Patel (Band 8) used the High Scorer’s Choice IELTS Practice tests to prepare for the exam. But we definitely need to learn more!

Hope to hear from the winners the stories of how they prepared and studied, and what helped them achieve success in IELTS. Anything they wish to share will be posted on IELTS-Blog without delay, so everyone can use the same technique and get a better score in their own exam this month.

P.S. IELTS results competition runs every month, and everyone is welcome to participate. Learn how to enroll here.

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