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IELTS Results competition winners for June 2009

June was a very busy month and a lot of you sent your IELTS scores to be in the competition, which is probably why we had not one, not two – but 7 winners, can you imagine! I am happy to announce the “lucky 7” winners:

Best IELTS results for June 2009 belong to:

Aik Kum Heng, Band 8.0 from Malaysia (General Training Module)
Amit Thakker, Band 8.0 from India (General Training Module)
Jessica D Souza, Band 8.0 from India (General Training Module)
Monali Phukan, Band 8.0 from India (General Training Module)

Gaurav Bajpai, Band 8.5 from India (Academic Module)
Harpreet Kaur, Band 8.5 from India (Academic Module)
Max Koedijk, Band 8.5 from Netherlands (Academic Module)

Congratulation, guys! Your score will be remembered – you are on top of our winners page.

My dear winners, I know what your next question is – where is my certificate? Check your Inbox, it’s there, waiting for you. There is one thing I ask in return – that you share your best tips with the rest of us. I hope you find a little time to help thousands of IELTS candidates who are counting on you (no pressure 🙂 ).

As always, I invite everyone to join and get a chance of winning our July’s competition. No result is too low – you never know who you’re competing against. Click here to become the next winner!

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