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Writing and Speaking tips from high achiever

These are the tips that helped our November’s result competition winner Rahul Puri achieve Band 7.5 in IELTS:

Writing tips

In writing, spelling is important so make sure that spelling errors won’t occur. Moreover, don’t repeat the words that you have already used in writing. Always try to write synonyms instead of using the same word again. Write your exam in blue ink because it leaves a better impression on examiners, they think you are more confident. Have 5 paragraphs in an essay. First paragraph intro, next three body and last one conclusion. Always write what you are asked to write. Try to give an example after every ‘body paragraph’.

Speaking tips

In speaking always wear formal clothes as it shows your professionalism and leaves a good impression on examiner’s mind. Try to show manners and etiquettes to them by saying Good morning or May I have a seat, please or May I come in. When the examiner gives you a topic always thank him or her. In the end always say thank you very much for your time.

Don’t forget try to speak until you are stopped by the examiner. Try to speak 2-3 minutes on the topic given by the examiner. If you don’t know about anytime that has been asked to you, frankly say I dont have a great knowledge of this but I would still like to express my views on this topic. Simple lines like that make your life easier.

Anyways please follow tips as they are really useful.

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