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IELTS Preparation tips from Nizzy, Band 8.0 in Academic IELTS

My dear readers, your kindness never stops to amaze me. Only a day ago we’ve released the names of our monthly competition winners, and right after the announcement went live, one of the winners replied and sent us some tips for the test-takers who seek guidance.

Her name is Nessette (Nizzy) Alicante, she is from the Philippines, and below she reveals the methods that helped her get Band 8 in Academic IELTS exam:

“Anyone can achieve a high band score if they PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. I was lucky enough to have a friend who lend me a copy of your book TARGET BAND 7, it was really helpful. Your book helped me to get on the right track.

I also used the sample practice tests in your website. For the Listening Test, what I did was I downloaded mp3 files to my mobile phone so that I could listen to them anywhere I go.

To prepare for the Reading Test, I read novels, magazines and books that interest me, and then I answered lots of practice tests and used the alarm on my mobile phone to know if I am able to meet the time limit.

With the Writing test, I wrote several essays for sample tasks 1 and 2 and then had an English teacher check it.

Lastly, with the Speaking test I was fortunate to have a friend to liaise with who is in the UK and she helped me practice that part using Skype, so I got used to understanding and speaking in English, and also could relieve nervousness because with her I got the “feel” of how it was to be asked by an examiner. I also asked another friend of mine here that we should speak in English when we are talking with each other.

All in all, always visit and also other websites that could be helpful, like the British Council website, for important tips and pointers for IELTS.

Good luck to all the future IELTS test takers!”

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