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IELTS Preparation tips from competition winners

The response from the competition winners was simply overwhelming. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how people while being very busy still have so much compassion, that they make time in their evenings and write back, to share advice and help others.

Here is what Radi Ivanov (Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS) said:

“As far as I am concerned – practice, practice, practice! I spent a month preparing for the exam, using and the Target Band 7 book.

I wrote lots of essays and reports, and also read many on the Internet. Reading books, magazines and newspapers in English also helped me. I carried out mock exams at home and tried to act as if I’m in an exam situation. This helped me a lot with getting used to the test format and the timing, which is very important.”

And here is some advice from Annette Helling-Benze (Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS):

“To answer your questions, I just followed your tips in the book, practiced intensively for 4 weeks and I used the Writing Correction service for reports and essays. The comments from the teachers were the best source for me to do assignments better. I bought 2 x 8 corrections.

The different subjects for essays or reports were a great challenge for me, too. I could improve my writing skills a lot and I can use them now for my University courses.”

On behalf of all the readers of IELTS-Blog I would like to thank Radi and Annette, for their kindness and help.

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