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How to stop using ‘so’ to quickly improve your IELTS score

Linking words ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’, just like other words, have synonyms which help you avoid using the same word over and over again. We all are guilty of overusing these linkers sometimes, and the reason is, we haven’t trained our brain to replace them. If I had a coin for every time I said ‘so’, I’d be rich!

Why should you make an effort to avoid using ‘so’? To increase your IELTS score, of course! As an ex-examiner Adam knows the power of what happens when you stop using these four simple words and start using their synonyms instead. Last week he covered ‘because’ and in today’s video he takes the word ‘so’ and shows you how you can live without it!

Watch the lesson on YouTube, or below:


A quick sneak peak at what’s in the video:

Accordingly – He did not complain to the police, accordingly, the police did not take any action (instead of ‘so, the police did not take any action’).

Then – Take a break now, then you won’t be so tired later today (instead of ‘so you won’t be so tired later today’).

Consequently – All the restaurants were closed, and consequently we had to make dinner at home (instead of ‘and so we had to make dinner at home’).

Thus – He is not satisfied, thus we must prepare a new proposal (instead of ‘so we must prepare a new proposal’).

Hence – A better working environment improves people’s attitude, and hence productivity also increases (instead of ‘and so productivity also increases’).

And of course there are more ways to avoid saying ‘so’ – keep watching until the very end.

Happy learning!

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