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How to stop using ‘because’ to quickly improve your IELTS score

Linking words play an important role in IELTS, and examiners pay close attention to the way you are using them. If you watched Adam’s previous video in this blog post, you know that ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ are the 4 linking words that are famously overused.

Last week Adam covered some ways how you can stop saying ‘and’ too much. Today he is talking about ‘because’ and giving you many alternatives to use instead.

Don’t miss a chance to raise your score – simply watch this video, learn and start using the brilliant synonyms Adam recommends in it. He will also teach you how to pronounce them correctly and show you how to use them in a sentence.

Watch the lesson on YouTube, or below:


Here are just a few examples:

Since – Let’s have a cup of coffee since we have a few minutes to wait (instead of ‘because we have a few minutes to wait’).

As – I went to bed early last night as I have my IELTS exam this morning (instead of ‘because I have my IELTS exam this morning’).

In consequence – They lost a lot of money in consequence of some risky investments (instead of ‘because of some risky investments’).

To – I went to the mall to buy a present for my friend (instead of ‘because I wanted to buy a present for my friend’).

Due toDue to a knee injury, he had to leave the match (instead of ‘because of a knee injury’).

And of course there are more ways to avoid saying ‘because’ in the video.

Happy learning!

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