Free IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking exercises

Today I’ve got more free IELTS exercises for you. If you haven’t heard so far about, let me introduce it to you. The nice people in charge of this website belong to the Centre of English Language of the University of South Australia.

Here is what they have made available for free:

IELTS Listening mini-test

There are 8 questions and it takes 6 minutes. You can listen with or without a transcript. When answering questions, make sure you scroll down to see all the questions – I didn’t and missed some questions. Answer by selecting the answer, when finished, click “Submit”. The correct answers will show up marked with a “V” and the incorrect marked with an “X”.

Click here for the listening test

IELTS reading test

There are passages of both General Training and Academic Module difficulty, the Academic text comes with 13 questions and the General Training with 7 questions. Choose the desired module (Academic or General) and hit “Start”. When you’re answering questions, don’t forget to scroll down to see all of them. Oh, and one more thing – it didn’t work for me in the Internet Explorer 6, I had to use Firefox.

Click here for the reading test

IELTS Writing test

I think this writing test is very useful. First, there are 3 tasks: an Academic Task 1, a General Training task 1, and a Task 2 (essay). For every task there is planning help where they explain how to approach writing a report, a letter or an essay and then there are sample answers. Excellent practice, I am sure you’ll find it helpful.

Click here for the writing test

IELTS Speaking test

You get to practice by listening to the recording of an interview (where a student answers the examiner’s questions) and then answering the questions that you hear yourself. There is a transcript that you can use if something is not clear to you in the recording. After you’ve started the test by hitting the “Start” button, you will see the list of questions and the examiner’s comments on the recorded student’s performance.

Click here for the speaking test

If you’ve found more free IELTS exercises, please share with the rest of us.

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