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IELTS Letters – Band 7

IELTS Writing – samples of IELTS letters of Band 7

IELTS Letter, topic: Explanation of delayed first working day

You successfully passed a job interview. You are expected to start on November 15, but you will not be available on that date.

Task: Write a letter to your new boss, explaining your situation, expressing your concern and suggesting solutions.

Dear Mr Goode,

I am writing to inform you that I won’t be able to start work on November 15, as agreed during my recent interview with you.

The reason I can’t start my work my mother has down the stairs yesterday. As, I am the only daughter and there are no other relatives that are able to look after my mother, I have no but to go back to look after her. According to the doctors it will take about two weeks for her to be able to walk and take care of herself again.

I apologize for all the inconvenience and I truly that you need me to be at work on that day for the project that is scheduled to be completed three weeks later. I am able to work for home and the project as . I will also report to you through e-mail and if there is a problem, I will call and inform you along the way.

Once again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,
S. Chua.

This is a good letter. It covers the task, has a good structure, the paragraphs are coherent. There are several grammatical errors (see comments underlined in blue) and a poorly structured sentence that needs improvement (it starts with “I apologize for all the inconvenience”). Overall, this looks like a band 6.5 letter – some improvement to grammar could take it to Band 7.

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is that
will complete

IELTS Letter, topic: Asking for information on scholarships

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing this letter to request more information about a scholarship/ assistance offered by your College.

I was awaiting in anticipation to enroll next year for the much coveted Diploma in English, but unfortunate , I found myself in a financial difficulty.

I would appreciate it if you could steer me to the right path for scholarships information or if the college financial assistance.

My certificate in Secondary education shows above average grades. I have worked in a voluntary position on weekends teaching English to young foreign kids. I do have the means to pay back if a loan was approved by the college. My employer will vouch for my employment and provide you with a proof of my earnings. He could also arrange a monthly deduction from my salary to your bank account.

I believe I have what it takes and I trust you would consider my request, by giving me the opportunity to continue my study.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,
M Munsamy

This is a good letter. It has the right structure, covers the task, shows a good command of the English language, the sentences range in complexity, the grammar and spelling are fine. Some minor corrections were made, see comments. Overall, this looks like a Band 7 letter.

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due to
could provide me with