He got Band 8.5, she got 7.5, and YOU get to learn from their experience!

If there is ONE great shortcut that can help you in IELTS, it is learning from other test takers’ experience. Today we have two of our IELTS Results Competition winners, sharing what worked for them and contributed to their scores. Their experience can become yours – have a read, and then go and try their tips in action!

Nader Arvand from Iran, Band 8.5 in Academic IELTS

“My speaking practice covered common questions on your website, over quite a long period though, maybe a year or so. The videos on how to approach the questions in every part were another contributing factor that helped me organize my performance and ideas throughout the speaking test.

Reading is my everyday pastime, I am dealing with academic texts about various topics daily. This helped me a lot to manage my time, as I could skim through the main ideas and find the parts for detailed questions efficiently. By the way, how to improve READING? By doing so!

The story of my full score in the IELTS listening is more like what I did with the reading skill. Consistency in practice with reliable material, the full analysis of my mistakes, and also Simone’s tips on how to conquer different question types, all left me with no surprises on the test day.

I think other candidates would share the difficulty I had getting 7+ in writing. What are coherence and cohesion, good vocabulary, task response, and grammar? Although I had studied, and of course taken the test with no more than 6.5 in writing, for almost two years, it was not before I read Simone’s writing samples that I realized how those criteria work in practice. I would then highly recommend every IELTS candidate, at any proficiency level, to read those samples meticulously, attempt common topics, and have their writing assessed regularly to move up to the 7+ echelon.

I hope my experience could help other candidates, and once again THANK YOU!”

Chien-Yu from Taiwan, Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS.

“I got much support and practice when I used the writing correction service from IELTS-BLOG.com. I think it is a very useful and authentic correction service online.

In addition, there are a lot of free materials on your website, I read every exam update you sent via email and collected the latest questions from the exams worldwide. I used these questions to practice by myself and my Speaking teachers. If I had enough time, I would try to use your Speaking evaluation service!”

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Two recent IELTS success stories – and the reasons for their high scores

As many of you know, we have a tradition of asking the winners of IELTS Results Competition what helped them score so well. Why do we do that? So that everyone could benefit from their experience – if it worked for them, it might work for you!

Today we are delighted to share what we found out from the two recent winners:

Satinder Singh, Band 8.5 in General Training IELTS

Band 8.5 in IELTSSatinder lives in India. He got IELTS Band 8.5 with an amazing 9 in the Listening test, and won in our IELTS Results Competition in May.

In his winner’s interview Satinder said,

“I am really overwhelmed by accepting your appreciation certificate, and I am happy to share my experience with other IELTS aspirants as well. I would like to share the following points:

  • Thorough understanding of public bands descriptors is a must to score well in speaking and writing.
  • Those who aspire to get more than Band 7 in the writing module will need to write each sentence with a purpose. Writing just for the sake of filling paper will not fetch the desired score.
  • Getting Band 7 in Speaking is easy, if there are minimal gaps in communication or hindrance to your speech, but to score higher than that, the intonation of your voice plays a vital role. Work on your tone and pronunciation.
  • To get Band 9 in Listening, students have to use their spare time during the test between the sections to read the upcoming questions for the next section. This will give you an edge over others – but make sure to read the upcoming questions with great concentration.
  • Reading results are truly an outcome of practice.

Kundai Nhongo, Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS.

Band 7.5 in IELTSKundai lives in Zimbabwe. She got Band 7.5 in IELTS, it was her first attempt and she had less than 3 weeks to prepare. Kundai was aiming at Band 8, and she got pretty close! As they say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

Kundai credits her success to the book ‘Target Band 7’ that she used during her exam preparation. She said,

“When I opened the book ‘Target Band 7‘, and read through the first few pages, my confidence was boosted 135%, I tell you. Then the practice exercises were just but excellent, captivating, demanding – but very, very rewarding. I am so happy, I am now working on my registration with Social Work England, and I know that in no time, I will be in the UK.

Your book, your advice, your tips, the skills, your encouragement… Your words… I do not have adequate words to express how grateful I am.

All the tips in ‘Target Band 7’ are soo practical and so true.

Thank you so much. I am telling all my friends about ‘Target Band 7’.”



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