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Makhsud’s Success Story: from Band 7 to 9 in IELTS Listening

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A great IELTS result depends on more than just your level of English. The other important things are mastering the test format and learning how to remain composed under pressure. This was the key to success for Makhsud, who did amazingly well in his computer-based IELTS exam, achieving an impressive Overall Band Score of 8 with a perfect 9 in Listening.

Meet Makhsud

Initially Makhsud felt confident about his Listening due to his habit of listening to English podcasts. However, his initial mock test scores—a 7 in Listening and 7.5 in Reading—were a wake-up call, as his expectations were set much, much higher. Many would be discouraged by such unexpectedly low results, but Makhsud saw this as a challenge to overcome.

How He Achieved His Goals

Focused Practice: Makhsud immersed himself in focused practice sessions using our IELTS Online Prep Platform. This not only sharpened his skills but also made him comfortable with the computer-based test environment—a crucial aspect for anyone taking the digital format.

Those of you who tried it, know that IELTS Online Prep Platform is almost identical to real IELTS on Computer in every way, from the look and feel to the difficulty of the practice tests. When you feel comfortable with the website and you’re familiar with how it looks and functions, it allows you to concentrate on answering the questions in the best possible way.

Making the most of our tutorials: He regularly accessed IELTS-Blog YouTube channel, absorbing tips and strategies that enhanced his Reading and Listening skills dramatically.

Mental Preparation: Staying mentally prepared and maintaining composure during the test were his top priorities. By the day of the exam, Makhsud felt energised and ready, a mindset that clearly reflected in his outstanding scores.

Makhsud’s Performance Breakdown

Makhsud’s final results speak volumes about his hard work:

  • Listening: 9
  • Reading: 8.5
  • Speaking: 7
  • Writing: 6.5

From his initial mock tests to the final showdown, Makhsud’s scores showed remarkable improvement:

  • First Attempt: Listening – 7, Reading – 7.5
  • Second Attempt: Listening – 6.5, Reading – 7.5
  • Third Attempt: Listening – 8.5, Reading – 8

Makhsud’s Own Thoughts

Reflecting on his experience, Makhsud expressed immense gratitude for the platform’s role in his preparation. “The IELTS-Blog platform significantly helped improve my Reading and Listening skills, familiarised me with the test environment, and boosted my confidence,” he shared in an email.

Lessons from Makhsud’s Journey

Makhsud’s story is a fantastic example of how targeted preparation and the right resources can dramatically enhance performance, particularly in a computer-based test setting. His experience proves beyond any doubt that being familiar with the testing environment is just as important as knowing English.

If you are preparing for IELTS, remember that like Makhsud, focusing on your weak points, using the right tools, and keeping a cool head can lead you to success. Try IELTS Online Prep Platform today, and we hope to celebrate your success very soon!

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