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The online course is open, everybody’s welcome to join!

If you’ve missed the opening of our first IELTS online course (I can’t believe you did!), this is your chance to go and sign up. The course went live last night and people started signing up the minute it appeared on the IELTS-Blog.

If you’re studying for an Academic or a General Training exam and need to improve your score, this course is for you. It will help raise your score by explaining how to build a positive image of yourself in the examiner’s mind.

To sign up (or learn more about it and then sign up), click on the link below:

Sign up for our free online IELTS course

Good luck with your preparation!

1 thought on “The online course is open, everybody’s welcome to join!”

  1. If you are planning to get a good score at the IELTS exam in Sri Lanka, the best place to register for the exam is ACBT.
    Do not goto the BC and get disappointed…, they give very low marks.

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