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Victor’s tips for Band 8 in IELTS

Today we are happy to share the tips received from Victor Jivanescu, who took the first place in our IELTS results competition in October. When we asked Victor what his advice would be for other test takers, here’s what he said:

Band 8 in IELTS “I am thrilled to hear that I won this competition as I was looking at the prior winners before taking my IELTS exam. I can only emphasize the fact that the IELTS Blog is the most useful resource available for practice test and tips and advice. I used it for my two month preparation that finally proved to be successful.

I can only recommend all of you who are about to sit the test to look on all pages of the IELTS Blog and go relaxed at the test center. I didn’t prepare too much, only about an hour a day for 6 weeks prior to the test. However, I suggest you should identify your weaknesses and practice them harder.

Have a friend sit a mock interview with you and let somebody who is better at English than you check your writing. For Reading and Listening take as many practice tests as you can and, very important, under real time-constraint conditions.

All in all you shouldn’t be to worried about the test, it is just a test and with the right attitude you will definitely succeed. One last advice: don’t practice long hours, practice smart and goal oriented.

I am in the middle of my Oxford application process with the interview ahead so I could only produce this short answer. Hope it will help somebody, just as other posts helped me.”

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