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Kunal’s journey to IELTS Band 8

Today we would like you to meet Kunal – a young man from India, who speaks Marathi. The remarkable thing about him is that he prepared and got Band 8 in just 2 weeks (with a perfect 9 in Listening!). Kunal took the first place in our monthly results competition, and of course we asked him about his preparation.

In his winner’s interview Kunal explained how he did so well, in such a short time. Here is what he said:

Band 8 in IELTSMy Band 8 story

Module – Academic
Preparation Time – 2 weeks.

In my opinion anyone who has two weeks and prior English knowledge since primary school can easily score Band 8 like I did.

Preparation Material

To make the most of my time I read all I needed from, ‘Target Band 7‘ is the recommended book. I used Cambridge IELTS 12 book for practice as well.


I read ‘Target Band 7‘ start to end in 4 days. I highlighted the tips given for each section. They help a lot, especially for Reading & Writing sections.

Then I started with the tests. I solved 4 full Length Tests within given time limit. Listening won’t be an issue as such, if you can understand English movies easily. Reading has few tricky questions. But those highlighted tips in the book can help here.

For writing you should be a good reader. I, for instance, sometimes read articles, newspaper, blogs, etc. It helps you write well and also the tips tell you how to cover all the points.

Speaking seems easy, but it isn’t. Many factors are considered in evaluation, so the more you practice the better chances you have – that’s all I can say.

Overall, I planned on scoring the most in listening & reading to balance the score in writing & speaking, which I knew would be tough to score.

IELTS Results competition winners in November 2017

November was a very good month for many test takers, and in particular for the 14 high scorers who won in our IELTS results competition. They received band scores ranging from 7 to 8.5 – a real reason for celebration! The two highest scores, Band 8.5 in Academic and General categories, belong to test takers from Mongolia and Nigeria, and here comes the complete list of winners:

Academic Module – 1st placeBand 8.5 in IELTS

  • Byambasuren Munkhjargal from Mongolia, Band 8.5
  • Kunal Jadhav from India, Band 8

Academic Module – 2nd place

  • Tina Goyal from India, Band 7.5
  • Meet Rajul Bhatt from India, Band 7.5
  • Manavjit Singh from India, Band 7.5
  • Ayushi Mudaliar from India, Band 7.5
  • Shehani Karunanayake Karunanayake from Sri Lanka, Band 7.5

Academic Module – 3rd place

  • Manpreet Singh from India, Band 7
  • Zubaid Ahmed from India, Band 7

General Training Module – 1st place

  • Oluseyi Kolade from Nigeria, Band 8.5

General Training Module – 2nd place

  • Mariam Attia from Egypt, Band 8
  • Hamza Ahmed from Pakistan, Band 8
  • Joseph Onyejekwe from Nigeria, Band 8

General Training Module – 3rd place

  • Omolade Adedoyin Akinjare from Nigeria, Band 7

Now your lives are not on pause any more, and you are one step closer to your dreams. These great IELTS scores mean you are free to study or work in a country you have chosen, and give yourselves and your families a better future. To mark this happy occasion we are sending your certificates of achievement to your email addresses. Winning IELTS results will be displayed in the IELTS-Blog hall of fame – so if you won, please feel free to show them off to your friends!

We’re always trying to find out from the winners how they did it. So far we discovered that Oluseyi Kolade (Band 8.5) used our book Ace the IELTS in his preparation, Hamza Ahmed (Band 8) utilised our Writing Correction service and Kunal Jadhav (Band 8) studied with our book Target Band 7. It feels really good to be able to contribute to their success!

But what about all the other winners? Please be kind to the other test takers who are still preparing for their IELTS exams. Do share your stories and tell us how you studied, and what helped you do so well in IELTS. Any useful tips will be shared on, so everyone can use the same technique and get a better score in their own exam this month.

P.S. IELTS results competition runs every month, and everyone is welcome to participate. Learn how to enroll here.



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