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What people say about IELTS-Blog

This is a 100 percent genuine feedback from people all over the world, who wrote to me on their own, without being asked, just because they felt like it.

If you have something to say – please add a comment on this post, I’d love to hear from you.

Here is what people think about IELTS-Blog:

"This blog gave me excellent learning tips for IELTS. Now that I have taken my IELTS and got a score of 8, I no longer need the updates, but I thank the people who developed this blog. I will subscribe again when I prepare to take my next IELTS after 2 years. All the best!"

Shemoul Hamid, France

"Thanks so much for the lot of good stuff you have been sending to me. It was truly helpful such that even with the very short time I had to prepare for the test, I was able to reflect on most of those hints and advice given by you. With little self study combined, I obtained a band 7.

Not too bad anyway, but it would have been better if I had got your book. I will surely recommend your book and the blog to friends."

Moses, UK

"I would like to thank you for the valuable guidance and support as a result of which I could successfully pass my test."

Manisha, India

"Thank you, I have gone through your posts regularly and have score a 7.5 in the IELTS test."

Vikram Bhardwaj, Australia

"Hi Simone! It's going to be a great weekend for me! Let me share with you why:
I've received my score and it is: Speaking 8.5, Listening 8.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 7 - Overall: 7.5!!!
I am so so happy! And it's all because of your IELTS-Blog and "Target Band 7" book!
Thank you so much. I am grateful! Now I can continue with my professional life with great confidence!"

Inokoue, Malaysia

"Dear Simone!
I am so happy to have your book, I really like it. I am recommending all my friends to go and buy it, because that's the Bible for the IELTS test."

Ramona, New Zealand

"I don't know who you are, but I'm very grateful for all the material you're sending to us (I'm preparing for my IELTS in November)".

Marcela, Argentina

"I have passed my IELTS exam on the first attempt. Your blog was very useful, thank you."

Leena Philips, UK

"This is one of the best websites that I have come across, which is truly helpful for the IELTS candidates. It's amazing to see how much effort you put in this endeavor, like posting connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for your dedication and perseverance, as well as to show how much I value your efforts.Thank you once again for everything you are doing for all of us through this website."

Mini, India

30 thoughts on “What people say about IELTS-Blog”

  1. hi I am so happy that i became one of your members .I would like to recieve Ielts questions daily or monthly via e.mail.Please help me with that,
    Best regards

  2. Hi Niki, and welcome! To receive our daily updates please subscribe on the homepage – it’s absolutely free. Good luck with your preparation!

  3. hi hope you going well and i have been colecting a materials from your site since a year and as far as my knowledge goes this is a best site for ielts preparation and hare i share with you my great problem in ielts 1st is writing and reading so will you please help me i have a dire need of you i couldn’t write a even single word nevertheless of that i have vast ideas why? and im weak in english too

  4. Hi majidabro, writing takes practice, it can be hard at first but then you get used to it. Can you be more specific about your problem in writing? What exactly do you have trouble with?

  5. Dear IELTS crew,
    I am Astghik from Armenia. I have IELTS exam on the 9th of Febrauary and I am disperately stressed.
    I do not manage to write Task 1. When it is a diagram about some scientific topic, I get lost and totally blocked.

    What can I do to overcome this problem?

    Thank you for your constant help.

  6. hi, i already read your blog about english is so poor and weak.i’m interested to buy your book.but i have problem with the payment. i’m not so familiar using a paypal..can u please help me…thank you.

  7. Special thanks to blog team and Simone for her book (I got your book from one of my friend). You guys help me to achieve overall score of 8. I followed the tips given in your book and your tips mail helped me a lot to prepare myself for exams in just 1 month. I will highly recommend this blog and your book to everyone who has very less time to prepare for IELTS exams.

  8. Hi..greetings..!!!
    I m from India and recently one of my friend has passed the exam with band score 7. The exam was on 30th June.
    He Was asked to finish writing task(GT) with pen..pencils were not allowed..why is thst so..??..this was the first time that i heard so. Please kindly solve my query.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Please rate my essay:
    Machine translation (MT) is slower and less accurate than human translation and there is no immediate or predictable likelihood of machines taking over this role from humans.
    Before we compare machine translation with human translation and predict the likelihood of machines taking over this role from humans let us understand what translation is and what is required to do so.
    Translation is comprehension of a language in another language. What is required to do so is interpretation skill. In public services such as immigration services special interpreters are appointed to translate one language into another. The interpreter is required to possess strong command over the language that is being translated and over the language that it is being translated to.
    The machines are programmed to translate a language to another. When the machine is fed with data to translate, the machine retrieves information from its database and gives the output in a desired language. Machines have artificial intelligence. The translation in the case of machines is word to word.
    When a human carries out this job, the context is understood and the translation is not just word to word. The human interpreter understands the metaphor and euphemism used and translates to desired language with accurate meaning. This can be regarded as human skill.
    On the other hand the machine lacks this human skill. The translation from the machine is highly likely to be misconstrued. Words like bank, count, place and cell vary in meaning depending on the context. The machines cannot deduce the context and the translation can be misleading.
    Considering the facts discussed above, we can conclude that no machine can match human skills. Machine translation is inarguably slower and less accurate than human translation. Artificial intelligence is scalable whereas human intelligence is immeasurable. It is highly unlikely that machines can take over this role from humans.

  10. Hi everyone

    I got my IELTS results last week. Got an overall band 8 (R9 L8.5 W7 S7). All thanks to IELTS blog for providing a unique insight into the test and posting immensely useful resources. It also helped me to find online tutors who helped to improve upon my shortcomings.

    Thanks IELTS blog !

    P Gupta

  11. my exam is on 25th august. Plzzzzzzzz suggest me a study plan for 24 days for getting band 7. Especially for reading.

  12. Where can I appeal for change in testing system of IELTS. I have scored 7 each for listening and reading but writing and speaking needs improvement. Than why can’t I just retake this two instead of giving all them again?

  13. Hi Nili, I know what you mean. It is frustrating to take the whole test again when you only need an increase in a certain module. IELTS has never allowed that, but if you want to write and make a suggestion to them, there’s contact details on the official website

  14. Hi, ielts blog, I really want you to assess my write-ups but I will never have the time to type my essays. I can only write and scan,so which package subscription will make. Thanks

  15. Hello, please I have issues with writing task2…my range of voccab is too poor, can you give me tips on how to improve, I’m currently on 5.5

  16. Hi there, if my scores will be 6.5 for all four parts of the exam, will my overall be 7 or 6.5?

  17. Hi
    I wrote IELTS UKVI Academic version last month. Generally the test was good apart from a terrible mistake I did in writing . I answered task 1 in task 2 answer booklet but I realized it after 15 minutes later, so I had recopy everything to task 1 booklet again. Because of the mistake I couldn’t conclude the easy and declared my stands as well.
    The results are in and I had S-7 R-7 L-7 and W-6 and overall score of 7 .
    I need 6.5 in writing do you think my score for writing can change to 6.5 if I ask for remarking.
    I answered task 1 very well.although, I answered task too very well but I couldn’t conclude my assay and declare my stands as well. Will it be prudent to seek for remarking since I need 6.5 instead of 6 I had . Thank you

  18. Hi Asare, if your essay is incomplete then its structure was affected, and your marks for Task Achievement and Coherence and Cohesion aren’t likely to change even after remarking. It’s too late for this advice, but I think you’d be better off just leaving your task 1 as it was already written in the exam (instead of copying it to a new booklet), and asking for another task 2 booklet for your essay. Your invigilators could have made a note that you wrote task 1 in task 2 booklet, so that it gets checked as task 1.

  19. Hi i am glad to get such aid from You
    Openly, i am not well writer in both ielts wrting task 2 and 1. honestly i know it is better to hire an adviser to guide you according my performance unfortunately i can not afford to do that. My question claims,is it possible to correct my writing free, if l send to you ?

  20. First of all, many tnanks for sending the ebook (IELTS Target band 7) – It’ll definitely be useful for my IELTS preparation.
    Secondly, I have to say what your blog is essential for all those who need additional material to reinforce possibilities to pass this exam with a high band. So, thank you very much once again for this.

  21. I took ielts test for general module on 24 June 2021, my essay topic was:

    In many countries, as people are earning more these days they are also spending money in buying more and more items. Do you think it is a positive or negative development.

    Task:1 was,

    Write a letter to your teacher explaining sudden decision of leaving the course and returning to your home country.
    1. Express thanks to the teacher
    2. Explain why you had to leave
    3. Explain what part of course you enjoyed the most.

  22. Excellent blog post that provides a wealth of information on the IELTS Academic Test. I found the tips on preparing for each section to be particularly helpful.

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