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Thank you for choosing our writing correction service

Thank you for your payment.

Here is how to submit your writing tasks:

1. Type your essay, letter or report in a Microsoft Word file (or in a simple text file, if you don’t have MS Word) and save it. Please don’t write more than 300 words in an essay, or 200 in a letter / report. Make sure your file is under 10 Megabytes in size.

You can also submit your writing via our mobile app. Visit this page to download IELTS-Blog App for Practice, start the app and tap on Writing.

2. If you are submitting an essay or a letter, make sure that task statement is written before your answer.

3. If you are submitting a report, the chart must be included with your answer in the same file.

If the chart is taken from the book Target Band 7 or any other book – write the name of the book and page number. Example: “Target Band 7, page 56”.
You can download a free trial of ‘Target Band 7’ here

4. Submit every task in a separate file, and send it in a separate email. For example, to submit 2 tasks, send 2 emails, one task per email. Write “essay 1” or “essay 2” and so on in the subject line if you are sending an essay, “letter” if you’re sending a letter or “report” if you are sending a report.
Note: your email subject lines must be different for each task you send. Using numbers helps you with that (for example “essay 5”, “letter 6”, “report 7”).

Important! Do not send the same task twice, because it will cause a double charge to your credit.

5. If your package is Express, please write Express in the subject line. This will help us serve you faster.

6. Please send your task(s) attached to email and include the Invoice ID you received from us.

You can send as many as you want on the same day – but please send one task per email.

Topics for practicing – download below

You can practice in writing on any topics you like, but we thought it would be easier if we gave you some topics to start from.

Download Academic Writing Task 1 topics – click here
Download General Training Writing Task 1 topics – click here
Download Writing Task 2 topics – click here

How long does it take to check?

Turnaround times are specified on this page. Your task will be returned to your email with errors highlighted and fixed, an estimated band and suggestions for improvement.

Looking forward to checking your homework!

Writing Correction Team at

27 thoughts on “Thank you for choosing our writing correction service”

  1. Hi,
    Because I am preparing for the university entrance exam next year, can I practice writing with the topic assigned by my school teacher?

  2. Yes, you can use another email address, but just one per package (we cannot accept tasks from 2 or more different email addresses, all using the same package). Please include your invoice ID every time you send a task for correction.

  3. Hello.
    I applied today and I have a question.
    Could I take enough time to complete essays or must I set the timer. I’m afraid but I can’t finish writing since I started to study for IELTS recently.

  4. Hi Izumi, I recommend a two-step approach, since you just started. At first, don’t worry about a timer and take as much time as you need to write a good essay that you’re happy with. Once you feel comfortable about the format and content of your writing, start timing yourself and practice to write a good essay within time limits of the real exam.

  5. When you purchase a writing correction package, we send you an email and in it there are topics you can use for your writing, but you can also use other topics if you like. For instance if you have an IELTS book that you study with, you can use topics from that book.

  6. Hi I bought the 8 task correction package. Do they have any expired date? As I’m performing my IELTS in 2 months. Thank you

  7. Hi Jairo, thanks for getting in touch. The packages are valid for 2 years, so you have nothing to worry about. Good luck with your IELTS preparation, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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