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Topics and questions from real IELTS exams

This is a list of all the topics I’ve been gathering from people who sat for IELTS in December 2008:

Writing test

Letter topic: Write a letter to your English-speaking friend whom you visited recently. In your letter
– Tell him/her how wonderful the experience you had in his country was
– Invite him to visit your country
– Tell him what you can do for him during his visit.

Essay topic 1: Some people believe that university students should study science, other thinks that they should study what their heart desires. Discuss, what is your opinion?

Essay topic 2: Some people think that the modern children games are not helping them develop as wide set of skills as traditional games did. Do you agree/disagree?

Speaking test

– What do you know about the law in your country?
– What good laws are there in your country?
– Can you explain more about the law in your country?

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