IELTS Speaking questions, UK

N from UK shared his Speaking questions from a recent IELTS. Many thanks, and here they are:

Speaking test

– What is your name?
– What shall I call you?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study? – I said I am looking for work.
– What is your profession?
– What do you do in your job?
– Do you know how to use the Internet?
– What are the advantages of using the Internet?
– Who do you think in your country use Internet the most?

Cue Card
Describe an advertisement that you have just seen and influenced you.
– What about the advertisement?
– Where did you see it?
– How does the advertisement influence you?
– Do you think advertising is helpful?

– In your country, what are the types of advertisement used?
– Where do you usually see an advertisement?
– Does it easily influence you when you see an advertisement?
– In your country, how is an advertisement carried out to influence others?
– Do you think advertisement here in UK works the same way as in your country?
– What other form of advertisement do you think they would have used if they don’t use a celebrity in their ad? And do you think it is useful?

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