IELTS Speaking questions from Croatia – December 2009

IELTS test in Croatia was exactly the same as IELTS in Russia, and thanks to I. who remembered her questions in Speaking we have one more set of questions:

Speaking test

– What do you do, work or study?
– Do you like your job,?
– Is it a good job for a woman?
– What do you think about your neighbors?
– What problems can someone have with the neighbors?
– How can they be of assistance?
– When do you meet your neighbors?
– What is the typical weather for Croatia?
– Do you watch weather forecasts?
– Does weather influence you and how?

Cue card
Describe an old person that you know, you should say:
– who he / she is,
– what is he / she like,
– where you met him / her.


– Discuss the role of old people in society and family.
– What are the effects of growing number of old people?
– Compare the attitude of children towards old people now and in the past.
– Who should take care of old people?
– In what ways can we help them?

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