IELTS Speaking questions from Canada – December 2009

Today I only have a short update from Canada with these Speaking questions, kindly shared by M., enjoy:

Speaking test

– Where do you live?
– Where do you usually go shopping? Why?
– Which room in your home do you like? Why?
– What do you do for your home to look great?
– Do you like writing?
– What kind of writing do you do?
– Do you think handwriting is important?

Cue card
Talk about a piece of music which you listened to in your childhood, you should say
– When it was,
– Where it was,
– What king of music it was,
– Who you listened to it with.

– Do you think people in different countries listen to different music? Why?
– Is there any relationship between people’s culture and the kind of music they listen to?

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