IELTS exam in the UK – February 2009 (Academic Module)

Our friend in the UK (thanks R!) sent this update after her Academic IELTS exam. Here are the topics and the questions she remembered:

Listening test

Part 1 – inquiry about an assignment
Part 2 – London railways
Last section was difficult, with a lot of synonyms used and I got lost there.

Reading test

The passages were about icebergs, futurology and musicology.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (report)
We had a chart with the number of people that used mobile phones and personal computers in 6 different countries (Malaysia, Chile, Iceland, Madrid, San Martino, New Zealand) in 2001.

Writing Task 2 (report)
Young generation is often asked to work without pay helping people in the community. What are the reasons for that and do you agree or disagree with this practice?

Speaking test

– Tell me your full name
– Do you work / are you a student?
– Tell me about your hometown
– Tell me about your recent holiday

Cue Card
Describe a dress your wear on special occasions, you should say
– What did people say about your dress?
– Where did you buy the dress?
– Why did you find it the best?
– Do you have a picture of that dress?

– A question about uniform: is it necessary to wear it? Why?
– Can employees select their uniforms?
– Does the employer have the right to choose uniform?

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