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IELTS Report, topic: Table of home schooled students’ percentages

You are advised to spend a maximum of 20 minutes on this task.

The table below describes percentages of home schooled students in SomeCountry in 1999-2004. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown.

You should write at least 150 words.

Homeschooled table

This table shows students in Somecountry in years 1999-2004 in .

The main trend is that all grades including kindergarten growing every year. Kindergarten started 2.4 and ended highest at 2.9 percent with a constant increase. grades 1-2 and grades 5-6 a little different trend, both at 1,5 percent in 1999 and a little bit in 2000. Both of them increased slowly in 2002 and both that course to 2004 where grades 1-2 2,1 percent and grades 5-6 2.6 percent.

Grades 3-4 a slow but steady growth all six years. It at 1.6 percent in 1999 and 0.1 every year except in 2003 when it 0.2 percent. Grades 7-8 at 1.6 percent and there for three years until they rapidly rose up to 2.2 and peaked at 2.5 in 2004.

Overall, all grades including kindergarten has had a rise at minimum 1 percent or more in 6 years.

This is a good report; here is how you can make it better: the coherence needs improvement, meaning the logical connection between sentences inside a paragraph and between paragraphs. Use more connective words (Furthermore, However, etc).

The grouping you’ve done is fine, but try to use more variations describing those statistics: use words such as numbers, figures, percentages, etc. The grammar and the spelling need some extra attention.Overall, this report seems worthy of Band 7

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home schooled
remove ‘for’
with percentage of
Not quite similarly
increased by
peaked up at

10 thoughts on “IELTS Report, topic: Table of home schooled students’ percentages”

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  2. In this writing, I see that he wrote in present tense, some in past tense. This report is dated, so we should write in past tense better than present tense, right?

  3. There are mistakes by the person who actually checked this. It will be ‘shows’ not ‘show’ and since the writer is describing the whole writing task in present it will be ‘starts’ not ‘started’. Beside these there are other errors in checking.

  4. Hi Raghav, you’re right, there are several errors in this report, they are underlined in blue, and when you hold the mouse over the underlined words (or tap on them on mobile) a suggested correction shows.

  5. The first paragrapgh is using “in” too much, so would it be better to write as followed?

    This table shows home schooled students in Somecountry through years 1999-2004 in percenages.

  6. Yes! If you can avoid sounding repetitive, it can only make your report better. So this would be a better version of the first sentence: “The table shows home schooled students in Somecountry from 1999 to 2004 in percentages”. Note the word “percentage” was misspelled in your sentence – spelling is important and misspelled words will cost marks.

  7. Yes, the table describes information from the past and the report should use the past tense. If you check the errors underlined in blue, you will see that corrections suggest using verbs in past tense.

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