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IELTS essay, topic: When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers (agree/disagree)

When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Essay

Some people argue that town planners should have a preference for more parks and gyms to be created than business districts and shopping malls. While I understand the concerns of people who hold this opinion, it seems to me that shopping centers are just as important as parks and gyms in a town.

There are reasons why public facilities are crucial to city inhabitants. First of all, they provide suitable spaces and equipment for people to exercise. For example, people can go jogging in the park and play tennis or basketball at the sports stadium. That helps to keep their bodies fit and it also elevates their mood during the day. Besides, parks and sports facilities are good spots for people to socialize with their neighbors. People can connect with others when they are playing sports or talking casually with passers by in the park. A harmonious relationship between residents helps build a caring and friendly neighborhood.

Although parks and gyms give the town dwellers all kinds of benefits, I would like to point out the importance of shopping malls to the district. Firstly, a shopping center could make shopping more convenient for the local residents. It would enable them to easily purchase things in town and transport them home with less effort and at lower cost. They would not need to spend extra money on transportation or shipping of the goods. Secondly, a shopping mall can provide employment. Locals can find work in retail, maintenance or security of the mall, hence earning an income to support their families.

In conclusion, although parks and sports facilities serve as places for exercise and social activities for city dwellers, I believe that shopping centers are equally important, since they can provide job opportunities and convenience to the town residents.

This essay would score well on Task Achievement because it addresses all parts of the question, discusses reasons for and against building more parks than shopping malls and expresses the opinion of the writer. The main ideas are organized well and explained coherently. The range of vocabulary is adequate for the requirements of the task response. Overall, this essay could get Band 8 in IELTS.

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4 thoughts on “IELTS essay, topic: When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers (agree/disagree)”

  1. It is considered by some individuals that instead of constructing shopping malls , more parks and sports centers should be built .I completely agree with this statement and this essay will highlight that this certainly is rational approach and should be opted.

    One of the prominent reasons why more public parks & sports facilities should be constructed is because of maintenance of good health of inhabitants of town .In other words,due to lack of sports facilities people do not have time to go out of the town to do excercises,so with the availability of more parks & sports centers within town individuals will spend their leisure time in doing excercises.Consequently, people will become more fit ,active and will not become the victims of diseases.For instance, an article in ‘Times of India’ reveals that 80% people are becoming more health conscious due to the availability of parks and health centers.

    Additionally,when individuals will spend their free time in parks then they will socialize more .To elaborate,when residents of cities will go to parks and sports centers then they will meet new people. As a result, they will establish new relationships with others and will learn lot of new things by exchanging ideas among them . To exemplify, a report commissioned by University of California in 2019 showed that 56% individuals are in favour that they have formed healthy relationships with others due to their visit to parks & sports centers .Thus,it is evident that comstruction of more parks & sports facilities will be beneficial for people .

    In conclusion, I strongly beleive that building parks and sports centers is more advantageous than constructing shopping malls because it aids people to stay fit and healthy and also to socalise more with others .

  2. Gurwinder Singh Sidhu

    In the contemporary era.There is a heated argument over the issue that,new towns are planned many sports facilities and public parks,as well as shopping mall for people spend their laser time.A loin’s share of society favour it.However the rest goes oppose it.The following paragraphs would highlight my personal perspective along with apt an example.

    I see eye to eye with the central idea for various, reasons.First and foremost is nowadays many towns are planning opened important facilities sach as gym,parks, shopping mall and soon.Because they think people spend their free time to do any activity and they also earn a lot’s of money to open many things.It is also very advantages like all sports man,and health conscious person always prefer to morning walk and running as well as do gym excersize.nowadays children also spend their time to use mobile and computer so I agree with statement

    On logger’s headsome critics go against above the discussed, assertion.hence old ages people also prefer for morning walk and children, young people play sports activities like cricket, tennis,and basketball.And opend shopping mall to very good opportunity like buy to many good quality clothes and shoes as many other things to buy eaisy

    In conclusion,I personally believe that merits outnumber demerits, however efforts should be made to minimize the latter one

  3. Developing complexes is the current trend in the major cities in Vietnam today. The combination of residential areas and commercial ans service areas not only meets the high living needs of residents, but also promote economic development .
    The religion of the complexes is full of utilities. Residents living in complexes don’t have go to far to shop, play or your children go to school close to home right. If there is a general hospital.
    But the commercials block includes restaurants, coffee, entertainment area located near residential areas. Therefore, people in the complexes often have noise. Especially low rise apartment close to restaurants or playground. Beside complexes are often many people ans cars coming in and out. People will encounter congestion ans chaos in the tunnel

  4. It is sometimes argued that the improvement of sports amenities and public parks should be considered rather than that of shopping malls for entertainment purposes when urbanizing a new town . While I believe that some construction for sports and parks are essential , shopping should also be another choice for people to kill their time .
    Despite the growing demand for shopping , amenities for entertainment, namely sports and parks are more important , which benefit us to maintain our physical strength . In more detail , we can keep balanced and stay healthy through activities in sports and public parks . For instance , doing work out or going jogging on a daily basis can burn our calories from food and help reduce our health risks such as diabate , obesity and cardiovascular disease and it results in a healthier life for individuals so that we could lengthen our life-expectancy . As a result , we would have a more enjoyable life and the health system could reduce the burden .
    Instead of paying attention to the commercial center , some people still believe that it is not worth spending a large amount of time entertaining . They may argue that becoming a shopping guest is not a good choice , which is a waste of time such as losing money and purchasing unreliable products . However , I would argue that the experience of shopping is becoming more vital and enjoyable . Nowadays , shopping venues are increasing dramatically , which means that there are more opportunities for people who want to invest their leisure time in enjoying these places . People could also undergo a variety of services within the shopping destination . For instance , cinema is a good choice for entertaining while visiting a shopping place , which is beneficial for widening our horizons in each category such as education , human or crime action . As a result , shopping could be a more reliable choice for human beings ,who need to consume their leisure time more effectively .
    In conclusion , I believe that the development of sports infrastructures and public parks are necessary , but more places for shopping is also a good option to carry out the purpose of spending the free time when organizing a new town .

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