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IELTS essay, topic: Nowadays more and more people want to live by themselves, why is this happening?

Nowadays more and more people want to live by themselves. What are the reasons? Is it a positive or negative trend?

These days a vast majority of people want to lead an independent life. The fundamental reason lies in people’s educational qualifications that fuel their craving for freedom in life. This can be seen as a positive trend because living alone is likely to nurture a mature mindset at early stages of one’s life.

Many people are well educated to stand up on their own. Tertiary education broadens their horizons, and they wish to experience freedom of life. With a very good educational background it becomes easier to find a well-paid job, and with lucrative income they gain confidence to lead an independent life, thereby achieving their goals. For example, engineering graduates can find a job in another town and their salary is enough for them to move and settle down there. This enables them to move away from their family and live on their own.

Living alone helps one to develop maturity, which can be seen as a positive impact on individuals and the society as a whole. Being independent means young people have to face life challenges alone and going through this process improves their resilience. They become more responsible, as they have to take care of themselves and develop budgeting skills and saving habits, for their future needs as well. Better planning of their finances nurtures the custom of wise spending at early stages of adult life.

In conclusion, the reason why many people wish to live independently these days is because their education level gives them both the awareness of freedom in life and means of achieving it. Since living alone promotes one’s maturity, it seems to be a positive trend in today’s society.

This response covers the task requirements by addressing the two parts of the question, why people choose to live alone and whether this is a positive trend. The ideas are clearly explained and supported, the information is organised in paragraphs in an easy to follow way, and the level of coherence is adequate. A range of complex sentence forms is used and there are no grammatical errors. Overall, this essay is likely to score Band 8 in IELTS.

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4 thoughts on “IELTS essay, topic: Nowadays more and more people want to live by themselves, why is this happening?”

  1. I have a question.
    Do I have to start the example with “for example, for instance, namely and so on”?

    If I have to, so where are your examples?
    I am sorry I am just confused.

  2. Hi Ahmed, it is not a requirement to start every example with ‘for example’ or ‘for instance’. In this essay in the 2nd body paragraph sentences 3 and 4 are showing examples illustrating the claim made in the first sentence in that paragraph.

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