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IELTS essay, topic: Children today are spending more time watching TV than in the past, is it a positive or a negative change?

Today children are spending much more time watching TV compared to the past. Why do you think this happens? Is this a positive or a negative change?

Sample Band 8 Essay

A trend has emerged in the last two decades with youngsters watching more TV than ever before. One of the main reasons behind this issue is the recent advancements in technology in gaming and film industries. This tendency has both pros and cons, and will be further discussed in this essay.

The latest developments in video game consoles attracted both children and adults to spend extra time watching TV, compared to the past. With interactive gaming characters and high quality graphics, children are more likely to spend long hours playing games in front of the TV. A recent survey showed that TV addiction among young people, for example, has significantly increased from 5% to 80%, which was supposedly caused by the introduction of advanced gaming consoles. This increase is also partially due to films, drama series and cartoons being easily available on pirated websites and various gaming platforms.

This trend has had more negative than positive effects on young citizens. More time spent watching TV adversely affects the mental and physical wellbeing of a child. For instance, the obesity ratio among young individuals in the past 10 years has risen dramatically; this has caused further health problems such as anxiety and depression. However, TV can also be used in a positive way. It is a great source of information that can help youngsters increase their knowledge and succeed in their future careers.

In conclusion, recent breakthroughs in technology are driving up the amount of time our youngsters are spending in front of their TV screens. This can do more harm than good if we don’t regulate the use of TV, but parents have the power to make TV time useful and beneficial for their children.

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3 thoughts on “IELTS essay, topic: Children today are spending more time watching TV than in the past, is it a positive or a negative change?”

  1. Hajera Akther lily

    Nowadays children spend more time on watching television than they did in the past and spend less on doing creative things. Although there are many reasons to blame, by taking some steps these can be Solve

    A wide range of reasons are associated with the problem of children spending more time on television. One reason is when children do not eat, parents let them watch television to feed them. Working parents give children phone at the early age as a result they get addicted to the television or phone. They do not wanted to do any activists or any creative things. Another reason is in this modern generation there are only few play ground. Children are not able to play outside because of this. They stay at home and play on the computer so as a result they get addicted to the computer, their brain do not think creative things.

    Firstly parents should not give children phone or computer at the early age. They also should maintain time limitation of using computer or watching television. Parents should give children creative game accessories. When children do not wanted to eat they should tell them story or do play with them for feeding them. Secondly, government should increase more play ground. Also improve old Play grounds for children so they can play.
    To conclude, parents and government both have to take some steps and work on these to make changes and reduce this problem.

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