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IELTS essay, topic: Advertising affects what people think is important and has a negative effect on their lives (agree/disagree)

Today people are surrounded by advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the advent of the Internet, advertisements, originally displayed only on TV, billboards, posters and so on, are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and commonplace for the general public. In my view, this kind of impact could be both crucial and, on a certain level, detrimental.

On the one hand, this phenomenon could denote that although we have already had a diverse range of , people are still capable of inventing innovative approaches catering for all kinds of requirements of advertising. It is a symbol that demonstrates the creativity rooted in human beings. Apart from that, it also represents that the speed of spreading information is conspicuously escalating. More purposeful is, therefore, the fact that, besides booming of the advertising, it constitutes a major reason why people could be so prosperous in this digital age.

On the other hand, there are various unpleasant consequences as well. Firstly, with the omnipresent , it could potentially cause people to do impulsive shopping. Secondly, the , if regulated in a mismanaged , could make people constantly feel uncomfortable or annoyed. In this sense, instead of being an instrumental tool to promote amenities, advertisements could be considered a hindrance when people are frequently blocked by them. Furthermore, it would cost one precious time to have to sift the helpful ad from a host of others.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, advertising is a beneficial phenomenon for all with a number of insignificant drawbacks. I believe that in the future we can improve the way advertising is done at present, and embrace the positive influence of advertising even further in the long run.

This essay is another example of what Band 8 writing may look like. It’s weak point is that the author goes slightly off-topic while trying to discuss whether advertising affects what people view as important and instead talks about the reason advertising is spreading and about human creativity. However, the other part of task type (negative effects of advertising) is covered well, the ideas are well-developed and supported. There is a clear logical flow of information and a range of transitional words is used appropriately to sequence ideas. The way author uses synonyms to rephrase the task topic in the intro paragraph demonstrates their lexical skill, which is also evident in other parts of this essay. There are many complex sentences and very few errors. Overall, this essay seems worthy of IELTS Band 8.0.

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the writer means ‘advertisements’
the writer means ‘advertising’
the writer means ‘advertising’
the writer means ‘manner’ or ‘way’

4 thoughts on “IELTS essay, topic: Advertising affects what people think is important and has a negative effect on their lives (agree/disagree)”

  1. Advertisement has the main role of developing countries. advertisement is shown on the internet ,tv or radio .it has good aspects as well as bad gets more income for the company
    All the company dont show their products or facilities on tv or internet .for example,one company show his product and gets more money but another company dont show his product and dont get money.
    On the other hand ,it helps purchasers to know the quality of the product before they buy it .also ,the company and tv or radio benefit of advertising the product
    In conclusion, advertisment has more advantage than disadvantage ,it helps people enjoy todays life in the world

  2. Nowadays, people are enveloped with the advertisements of many product and services offered by the companies as well as individuals. Modern marketing techniques has impacted the public on a high scale to decide what is good, bad, essential and important to them. Necessarily, in my opinion, advertising is required to reach out to the customers while keeping them authentic.
    In this ever-growing competitive world, organizations as well as local sellers find it challenging to sell their products due to the availability of many alternatives. One of the best ways to promote their services are through novel publicizing ideas that should reach the target customers. On the other end, the needy customer may not know about an existing item if it doesn\’t appear in their day to day activities, and so, it is imperative to bring them to their doorsteps. When many commercials persuade the audience to buy their product with false and incorrect information, others do it truthfully whose core business ethics is strong. Finding a difference between a bogus and genuine advertisement lies within the audience\’s virtue. Easily manipulative people often end up losing their hard-earned money and trust in these fake companies & their products. Moreover, the public often think or enquire less, when an instant application of that product is necessary. For instance, a diabetic patient who falls short in his/her daily supplies would opt for an alternative medicine without looking deep into its credibility that can exacerbate their medical condition.
    In conclusion, the media board of the country should step up their measures to ensure the authenticity of the advertisements before they reach the public regardless the medium, whether it is through television, digital media, postures, banners, etc.

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