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IELTS Essay plan: Women ruling the world would reduce violence

I’ve received a letter from a student who ran out of ideas to write about in his IELTS essay. Nick (not his real name) was asking me if I could send him a plan for his essay and I thought that more people could find it useful, so here it is:

Essay topic: Some people think that if women were to rule the world, there would be less violence in it. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Essay plan

Introduction paragraph

In the introduction you can first state that there are people who think that women have a less violent nature than men and for this reason suggest that women would make the world a less violent place if they were in power. Then you could mention that putting the women in charge won’t necessarily have that effect, because there are arguments for and against.

First body paragraph 3 points against women in power

  • Ruling the world takes some cruelty that women might not have
  • Having more submissive nature than men, women can create even more violence
  • Women are not decisive enough to enforce order and thus reduce violence
  • Second body paragraph 3 points in favor of women in power

  • Women have less violent nature
  • Women have less tolerance for violence
  • Women are very concerned with making the world a safer place for the sake of the kids
  • Conclusion

    State your personal opinion (let’s assume that you’re in favor of women in power), then summarize what was said in the second paragraph.

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