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IELTS Results competition winners in August 2016

The Rio Olympics are over, but here at IELTS-Blog the game is always on! And now it’s time to present our own, IELTS Olympians. Let’s welcome the 12 brilliant high achievers with the highest IELTS scores in August 2016:

Academic Module – 1st placeBand 8 in IELTS

  • Darrion Mohan from Singapore, Band 9

Academic Module – 2nd place

  • Adithi Koushik from India, Band 8.5

Academic Module – 3rd place

  • Venkhat Ramesh from India, Band 8
  • Nandan Mishra from India, Band 8
  • Jane Charisse Soria from Philippines, Band 8

General Training Module – 1st place

  • Devangana Das from India, Band 8.5

General Training Module – 2nd place

  • Krishnakanth Allika from India, Band 8
  • Ishneet Kaur from India, Band 8
  • Thi Le from Vietnam, Band 8
  • Muhammad Abu Naser from Bangladesh, Band 8

General Training Module – 3rd place

  • Amit Suri from India, Band 7.5
  • Adegbola Babade from Nigeria, Band 7.5

Congratulations to the winners! You definitely should go out and celebrate – and in the meanwhile we are sending your certificates of achievement, these little tokens of victory, to your emails. Your IELTS results will be displayed in the IELTS-Blog hall of fame – please feel free to show off to your family and friends!

Other test takers always wonder how our “Olympians” prepared for their victory. It feels great to tell you that we contributed to the success of two of them: Jane Soria (Band 8) prepared using our book “Target Band 7” and Thi Le (Band 8) was using ‘Ace the IELTS’. However, we’d like to hear from the other winners, too!

This is why we’re asking all the winners to share their stories of how they prepared and studied, and what helped them achieve success in IELTS. Anything they wish to share will be posted on IELTS-Blog without delay, so everyone can use the same technique and get a better score in their own exam this month.

P.S. IELTS results competition runs every month, and everyone is welcome to participate. Learn how to enroll here.

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