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IELTS Results competition winners for May 2009

I am happy to announce that in May we had 2 winners with very good results, one of them is from Hong Kong and the other is from Pakistan.

Congratulations to:

Mohammad Shahriar Khan, Band 8.5 (General Training Module)


Chor Fai Iwin Ying, Band 8 (Academic Module)

Your score will be remembered – you are on top of our winners page.

I bet you can’t wait to get your very own special certificates – check your Inbox, they are waiting for you. There is one thing I ask in return – that you share your best tips with the rest of us. I hope you find a little time to help thousands of IELTS candidates who are counting on you.

As always, I invite everyone to join and get a chance of winning our June’s competition. No result is too low – you never know who you’re competing against. Click here to become the next winner!

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