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This is how Oluwaseun increased his IELTS score from Band 6 to 7.5

Everyone, meet Oluwaseun – a young man from Nigeria who won in our IELTS results competition. He took IELTS 3 times and increased his writing score from Band 6 to 7.5. We asked Oluwaseun to share his best preparation tips – and he kindly replied.

“IELTS is a test, not a death sentence”, says Oluwaseun, and goes on to explain how his positive mindset and determination resulted in a substantial increase to his score.

“It’s my third IELTS. In the first attempt, I didn’t do well in Writing. I had just Band 6.0. So I had to retake it.

However, I had 7.5 and 7.0 in Writing in the second and third attempts respectively. The second was General, while the third was Academic.

I specially owe my success story in the last two attempts to the Writing Correction Service, which I stumbled upon while searching online for help. I followed as many of the instructions in the guide as I could. I subscribed to the Writing Correction Service and kept practicing on sample answer sheets, doing Writing Tasks 1 and 2. I’d turn them over to the team and get feedback from them. At times, my results were amazing, other times I got disappointed whenever the results came out otherwise. But I kept practicing more in such cases, and submitted my best response the next time.

I subscribed to IELTS-Blog on YouTube and four others for virtual learning, especially on Writing Task 1. This was very helpful.

My advice

  • Get your materials from a reputable blog or team like
  • Practice hard, don’t be discouraged when your result turns out bad, but do more practice instead!
  • Know your weaknesses and adopt strategies for improving in those areas.

Stay hopeful!”

Best IELTS test result July 2021

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