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The strategy Anastassia used to get Band 7.5

Everyone, meet Anastassia Fokina, one of our past IELTS Results competition winners. This bright lady lives in Kazakhstan and speaks Russian from birth – but she managed to score Band 7.5 in Academic IELTS in her first attempt ever, and here is how.

Anastassia prepared for her exam using Target Band 7 book and following some very sensible rules. Here is what she suggests you do to get a good band score in IELTS:

Band 7.5 in IELTS“IELTS exam is tricky. Passing it is a high goal, so you should create a strategy to gain your desired score goal and strictly follow it! Be ambitious and disciplined!!

1. I suggest that your strategy should include regular testing (at lest 3 full practice tests a week). You can find plenty of them on and in the Internet.

2. A good live tutor is a must especially for those wishing to enhance their score considerably. A tutor could be found via the Internet and communicated with by Skype.

3. Write as many Essays as possible. Better to write one a day. They all should be assessed by your tutor or with help of service on

4. Another effective approach is to speak ONLY English the last 30 days before your exam. Even if you are not in English speaking environment you can ask your family members or friends to help you with that. The more you will speak in English the more chances that you will start to think in English. Starting thinking in English is a crucial step to success in order to gain the highest score in IELTS.

5. Practise the speaking part every day. You can turn on a camera and record yourself to see how you look and how you sound. I did it many times, speaking on different topics and have to say that this is the perfect method to reveal your regular mistakes and gaps in vocabulary. You should definitely close those gaps. You can also assess you speaking with help of – they give a very fair mark.

Finally, practise, practise, practise. It will make you perfect! Good luck!”

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